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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 2, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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defied the odds and surpassing expectations. the oakland a's are one. most surprising success stories of the baseball season as they clinch a spot in the playoffs. will that success on the field help them score a new stadium? nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live at the coliseum where the team may still be looking south. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. it's no secret the a's organization has been focused on securing a new stadium and now that the team is heading to the playoffs and captivating sports headlines, their need for new digs is on deck. the oakland as box office has been hopping as fans electrified by last night's win rally behind the underdog team now heading to the playoffs. >> it's time to go all the way and win with the division. >> i'm finding it electric that it's been nonstop excitement.
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>> reporter: a roster filled with rookies, many hope the surprise performance will speed up the team's push for a new stadium. >> i think the fact that they're winning and average fan is really excited and they're coming behind them and it will push this issue to the front of the city agenda and county's agenda to move forward with the new stadium and hopefully keep the team here. >> most a's fans hopes the stadium is built in oakland, fans in san jose want to see the team move south. >> our hope is that we continue to light a candle in san jose to make sure they know that san jose is wanting them to come here. >> reporter: a's officials acknowledge securing a new stadium is high on the wish list but the team's priority at the moment is playing ball. >> obviously that's the end goal for the organization but our immediate goal is to try to win the division, play good baseball and see how far we can go in the playoffs. >> reporter: we are back here
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live in front of the 45-year-old coliseum where you can see fans are streaming in to watch the a's take on the rangers. of course the team hopes to get one step closer to winning a division title. the game starts at 7:00 and we are told tickets are still available. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, jodi. not since 2003 have both bay area major league teams been in the playoffs. the giants kick off their postseason run at home on saturday. who they will go up against is still in play. new details on a story we brought you at 5:00. is it dirty politics? serious accusations are circulating in san jose. all of this after a 95-year-old woman is attacked in her own home. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang joins us with the latest.
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stephan stephanie. >> reporter: picking a lock, breaking down a back door, the home invasion reported monday morning is part of a growing trend in san jose. burglaries are up in two parts of willow glen and 45% up citywide. >> we're down 340 officers and we're down gang enforcement teams, burglaries are up 150% in areas of evergreen. >> reporter: james gonzalez says the last straw came in june when the city council rejected adding six officers to the burglary investigation unit. even a councilman says the city hasn't made public safety its top priority. >> i think that's probably why we see an increase in burglary. >> reporter: a councilwoman says adding those officers would have taken men and women off the streets and accuses the union of waging a political campaign against her using skewed statistics. >> i find it disingenuous that
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the police union is accusing me of not supporting them or not acknowledging certain numbers when they are waging a campaign of information trying to scare people using cherry picked numbers. >> reporter: city accusers of accused of trying to keep information about crimes away from the public. gonzalez says the public information officers report directly to the chief who report directly to city hall. >> there should be more information provided to the public. we've seen a systemic slowing of information about crime coming from city hall. we've seen a denial of the increases that are happening. >> reporter: that was stephanie chuang reporting for us. new charges tonight against a man accused of trying to kidnap a girl from a san mateo elementary school. 25-year-old bradley mosic whose booking photo has not been released yet has been facing several charges relating to a
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kidnapping at parkside elementary and now facing another 18 counts for allegedly hiding in a bathroom back in march where he was trying to take pictures of four girls. a teacher confronted the intruder and says that he is the culprit. he's being held without bail and is due back in court to enter a plea on the san mateo case on october 10th. the murder trial is hinged on whether the murder of her former friend was a crime of passion or premeditated plot. today the ex-boyfriend took the witness stand talking about his friendship with le. le disappeared from hayward hospital in may of 2011 and her body was found four months later. the ex-boyfriend had a daughter and he testified they tried to keep their rocky relationship together for the benefit of the child. near fresno, that track that amtrak train was traveling on before colliding with a big rig reopened this morning but the investigation surrounding
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yesterday's accident continues. amtrak officials say the crossing gate was down, lights were flashing and bells were ringing when that big rig barreled into the passing train. the chp is investigating why the 32-year-old driver of that truck failed to stop. the driver suffered moderate injuries while 39 people were hurt on that train. that train boarded in oakland and was headed to bakersfield but never made it. five killings in 24 hours. oakland police now looking at that fifth homicide that happened just this afternoon during a drive-by shooting. the violence started last night on 90th and macarthur where a man was found shot to death. less than two hours later, a second shooting six miles away and then this morning two people were killed on 72nd avenue near international boulevard. police say around 6:00 a.m. someone walked up to a van two men were sitting in, started a fight and then shots were fired. the suspect hasn't been found. a neighbor says the two men regularly sat in the van just to talk and they seemed to stay out of trouble.
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>> i've been here about 30 years. this is the first time we've ever had any kind of disturbance like this. sad. i guess nobody is exempt, you know. it happens over there. it happened behind us. now it's happening here. nobody is exempt in oakland. it could be in any neighborhood, any street. >> police tell us all of the victims were young men in their late teens or early 20s. a 30-year-old santa clara woman is behind bars tonight after a palo alto man called police reporting she was rummaging through his car. lee had more than 50 car keys in his possession. it's common for people who steal cars to carry a number of keys. police say they recovered a credit card, social security card and belongings taken from three other victims in san jose and santa clara. lee is charged with felony possession of stolen property and attempted vehicle theft and two misdemeanors. still to come at 6:00, toxic
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mess to a strip mall. details of a new building. the property tax loophole that could tack on hundreds of thousands of dollars. and why it's the end of an era for a south bay holiday tradition. >> good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we're tracking that dangerous heat with some of the hottest weather gripping the east bay. right now holding on strong to 100 degrees in livermore and it's never been this hot this time of the year in these five locations. new records set in gilroy, santa rosa, concord, napa and san jose. let you know how long it's going to last coming up.
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a target store and starbucks on toxic land could be happening soon. the future is moving in on part of the silicon valley's fast. it's a checkered past.
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scott budman did digging into a parcel of land with a toxic history. >> it means a lot to the history of this area for good and bad and tonight it's back in the news and back in business. >> a beef piece of silicon valley history is being bulldozed. one of its last remaining orchards going away along with a big part of what made this area a high-tech launch pad back in the 1950s. this is where ibm came to town to build disk drives. >> these things were the size of refrigerators. they weighed a ton. had to have special aircraft to deliver it to clients. >> even at its peak, ibm maintained its orchard but then it sold its facility and now the orchard is gone too.
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>> a key part of my childhood was watching one orchard after another being torn down. >> the retailers want to be here. this is what will happen with the last sites that are left. >> reporter: with our economy going strong, this is where retailers and apartment dwellers want to be. even though the very site was also known for its toxic waste in the late '70s, construction will begin soon. >> target is the next big retailer and safeway and then followed by many other retailers like starbucks, marshall's, and approximately 2,000 apartment units. >> all manufacturing is housed under one roof. >> reporter: from this to this, a piece of history going under. >> i guess there's still orchards to be slaughtered down here to make way for department
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stores. >> to be fair, as a result of toxic leaks during the late 1970s, the tech industry has become cleaner. we're told the stores and eventually the apartments will open sometime around mid 2013. back to you. >> okay. thank you, scott. a silicon valley networking giant says it will lay off more than 5% of its staff. juniper networks cited declining business. a vigil for a teacher who apparently killed himself after allegations surfaced he had an appropriate relationship with a former student. teachers, parents and students gathered this morning to mourn 28-year-old james izumizaki. he was a sixth grade teacher and coach at albany middle school. he was found dead yesterday in san lorenzo just days after he was arrested on suspicion of a lewd act on a person under the age of 14.
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the d.a. hadn't pressed charges yet saying police were still investigating the allegations but one parent says he hopes the facts, all of them, come out. >> if he's guilty, they need to know that. if he was found innocent, they also need to know that. those are two piece of the puzzle that we're grappling with here in albany and it's important to have closure on that. >> a spokesperson for the alameda county sheriff's department says a note was found with mr. izumizaki in his car but the content of that note is now part of the coroner's investigation. the stock market plunged in 2008 and your retirement portfolio wasn't the only thing to take a hit. california's biggest pension plans lost billions of dollars spurring talks of a pension crisis. >> governor brown signed a reform bill a few weeks ago that he says will shore up the state's funds and get california back on track. the question is will it really? we take a closer look at
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tonight's reality check. >> let's assume for a second that they are spot on when they project savings over the next 30 years. sounds like substantive reform, doesn't it? many people would say yes, if the state's unfunded liability is as reported, but if it were more like 500 billion or 800 billion? you might feel differently. the topic of pension reform has been in jerry brown's crosshairs ever since he returned to sacramento last year taking on the role of california's fiscal guardian. >> these pension reforms will go a long way toward making our pension system more sustainable and more fair. >> reporter: brown's solutions all revolve around cutting the state's expenses like capping annual pay outs at 132,000 a year and requiring employees to contribute more to their pensions. that's well and good but let's recap where a pension fund gets its money from.
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there are three primary sources. you have the employee contributions, you have government contributions and you have investment returns, which the governor himself puts at about 75% of the total fund. >> in the past decade, the returns have been pretty poor. >> reporter: mike is director of research for california common sense. it's a nonprofit group devoted to transparency in government. he explains that the state's two largest pensions have enjoyed relative success in the long run hitting their investment marks over 20 years but not recently. >> it's a matter of perspective. they would argue that historically their assumptions are well grounded. the question is, of course, going forward can we rely on history to predict the future. >> recent history has been staggered at best. here's a look at calpers performance, down 27. in 2008. up 12.1% in 2009.
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up 12.6% in 2010. then up 1.1% in 2011. here's where the math part of this comes in handy. trust me. i'm no mathematician. if your rate of return goes down, unfunded liability gets larger. for example, if you have the rate of return on these pension funds at 7.5% right now it's estimated unfunded liability is $162 billion approximately. now let's say you go for more conservative estimate. it would then grow to $500 billion. >> if your actual returns are less than expected rate, it dramatically increases your liability. >> it should be noted, long-term numbers for the state's pension funds are solid. calpers returned 7.7% over the last 20 years right where it should be. the recent trends the averages are going down and that
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according to critics is cause for concern. back to you. >> okay, sam, thank you. it's the end of an era for a south bay business and holiday tradition. race street fish and poultry opened doors in 1947. an institution in the south bay. the owners say it is time to retire. they have sold the wholesale division and plan to close the market on october 14th. that means no more turkey and crab for the holidays. >> it's christmas. it's part of my christmas to be here. >> a lot of memories for a lot of people. the memories will live forever, you know. we'll always have that. whether you're a customer or not. >> the seafood kitchen which is next to the market will remain open. it is hard to even wrap my head around the holidays when it's 102 degrees outside. >> i know. we talk about indian summer. it gets warm.
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this is just way out of the ballpark when you look out the window and people in san francisco are wearing shorts and flip-flops. everything short of the bathing suit outside. we say that because we did get up to 94 degrees in san francisco. very close to a record. also look at the triple digits. 103 in santa rosa. 107 in gilroy. that would give us in the bay area not only the hottest weather of the month of the season but of the entire year happening on this first full week of fall. it was good enough for records. santa rosa hit 102 shatter the old number of 87 set back in 2001. there you go. there's that test to show you how hot it is compared to where it should be this time of year. rivalling heat in the desert. palm springs at 103. we'll have a hard time dropping
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off in the east bay. numbers have gone down. do remember this is dangerous heat as we have been warning you for several days now. remember to drink plenty of water. take frequent breaks. even tonight if you're headed out for dinner and also remember those pets. let's take you outside to that live hd sky camera network on this hot evening. we have haze. the air quality will be slightly improving the next 24 hours as we get winds to shift. let's bring you to san francisco on this fog check. there's no fog at all. a gorgeous evening outside. temperatures will be falling. let's get you back into the weather boards. what we'll find here are some major changes. not so much for tomorrow but we think over the next two to three-day period what will happen is this area of low pressure will develop offshore bringing back cooling breeze and we'll see a 20 to 25-degree drop in temperatures this week. the patchy fog is going to return before we end this workweek. get ready for some abrupt changes. a lot of that will get set off by fog. for tomorrow morning, no fog
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from north bay to south bay. clear and also a warm start. as we advance this right into thursday morning, there it is. there is that cooling that will arrive at 8:00 a.m. on thursday with more onshore flow. for tomorrow, temperatures try to go down a little bit. we're hedging our bets here with a little bit onshore wind expected by afternoon with low to mid 90s inland. mid 80s by the bay. 70s at the coastline. larger changes coming as we head into friday. we'll go from that 107 in gilroy to 80 degrees as we head into the end of the workweek. more on that seven-day forecast and also our next best chance of maybe some showers. i look up. it's hard to believe right now. >> it is hard to believe. thank you very much, jeff. still ahead, leave those cars at home. san francisco expected to be jam packed this weekend. how you can actually get around next. a national warning for smoked salmon. details you need to know about. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪
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a seagull is to blame for causing an explosion and fire in berkeley this morning. our nbc chopper shows the lines draped across the roof of this white house on delaware street near san pablo avenue. the bird grounded the 12,000 volt wire which fell on a grassy area and then sparked a fire. the fire caused about $50,000 damage to this home. thankfully there were no injuries. it will be big and it will be busy. transit agencies around the bay area are ramping up service for huge weekend in san francisco. this weekend the city will play host to the bluegrass festival, fleet week and the america's cup world series yacht race and 49ers home game, giants playoff games and several street festivals. that means they are all increasing service. city leaders urge people to leave cars at home, take public transportation or even ride a
6:25 pm
bike. giants president says it's an exciting time to be in the bay area for sure. >> this is what cities are about. this is what cities do. they put on events. there's lots of energy and electricity and buzz and personally i think it's great there's so much going on in san francisco and the area. >> the city is planning free bike valet parking at major events. a portion of the embarcadero will be dedicated to cyclists. >> you'll bike to your event? >> i'll start tonight. >> baseball, football, fleet week, concerts, the list goes on and america's cup. when we return, we'll meet the youngest skipper to ever win the cup and what he says it will take to defend the title here in san francisco bay. >> i'm marianne favro, property taxes go out in santa clara county this week. coming up i'll explain why some people may get an unwelcome surprise. just ahead, taxpayer money going to elected officials trips and dinners. our investigative unit take a
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deeper look at where your money is going. this is a lot of food for 4 bucks. yeah... think they made a mistake? i don't know - maybe. the fried cheese melt is back for just 4 bucks. 1 of 4 big 4-dollar meals on the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. open all night.
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new at 6:00, if you live in santa clara county you'll likely get your property tax bill in the mail this week. you better brace yourself because you could look at a big increase compared to last year. as marianne favro shows us, some people may see their taxes go up as much as 10%. >> reporter: the housing market is finally bouncing back in the bay area but some homeowners say the change doesn't warrant the higher property assessments they're getting from santa clara county. >> i would say probably between 15% to 20% higher than what i expected. >> reporter: that's not the only surprise property owners may see this year. if you thought prop 13's guaranteed your property taxes would never go up more than 2% a year, think again. >> for those that were previously reduced, we are required by state law,
6:29 pm
proposition 8, to restore the assessed value to reflect the improving market value when the market begins to turn around. >> reporter: let's say you bought your house five years ago for $800,000. that's considered your prop 13 base even if your value goes way up, your assessed value will go up no more than 2% a year. but prop 8 allows the county to reassess your property to reflect a lower market value, which means if your value declines, you'll get a lower tax bill. but here's the catch. if your home value jumps back up but it's still worth less than you paid, you could see a big property tax increase in this case 6.9%. >> it might be 2.1%. it might be 10% depending upon the market that's occurring in that specific neighborhood. >> reporter: while that increase may be a painful surprise, the county assessor larry stone says there's a silver lining. >> for everyone 1% increase in the property taxes, the property
6:30 pm
owner gains 99% in improved equity. >> reporter: he also says only 10% of the residential property owners in the county may face taxes higher than 2%. many including the majority of condo owners will see their property assessed at a lower rate than last year. but let's be clear. thanks to prop 13, once your house is worth more than what you paid, you'll only face an increase of 2% a year in property taxes. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. oakland could become the first american city to offer all of its residents i.d. cards that function as bank cards. that could happen tonight. in fact, within the hour. the city council is meeting as we speak. the council is expected to give a final vote on the plan to give all oakland residents the government issued i.d. regardless of immigration status. the debit card, that function would let poor people avoid check cashing fees and keep them from having to carry cash.
6:31 pm
the proposal has already won unanimous support from the city's finance and management committee. okay. check it out. live pictures. you know who is in town. it's the blue angels right there headed to sfo. you can see them right there careening right across the top of your screen. of course it fleet week. you can't have fleet week without having the famed blue angels. the navy pilots are headed to sfo. they're going to land in just a few minutes. they'll start practicing their position maneuvers over the bay area skies thursday afternoon 1:00 to 5:00. keep your eyes up, look out and plug your ears. they'll be dazzling crowds at the fleet week air show on friday, saturday and sunday. showing off the goods as they do every time they're in town. about a million people expected to be watching over those three days looking up at the sky and being able to see the magic that they do over san francisco. very exciting. and then they're going to do a meet and greet at pier 39 on
6:32 pm
friday night. for right now, check it out. the best of the best right over the bay area. they show up and then you pay up apparently. the investigative unit first exposed elected officials raking in fees for making public appearances last month. tonight we uncover more questionable spending by the bay area's largest water district. jenna? >> 286 bucks plus mileage. that's what the santa clara water valley district gets paid to show up. he serves on a variety of volunteer boards but figured out a way to get paid by taxpayers. it's the investigative unit exclusive. from the water district board to san jose's police and fire retirement board -- >> everybody wants to do the right thing. >> reporter: and the envision san jose 2040 task force. richard santos wears a lot of
6:33 pm
hats. but we found the santa clara water district is paying the bill for his hat collection. he attends numerous meetings. for all of those boards he serves on and the water district is paying for him to go. why are you charging the water district to attend events and meetings related to and paid to by the police and fire retirement board? >> i'm not. >> reporter: according to these documents he is. >> i attend a lot of meetings. >> reporter: we met director santos last month. we questioned him about the meetings that were not related to water. do you feel you should have charged $300 to meet with them? >> it wasn't $300. >> reporter: $298.27. the district spent more than $50,000 last year on his benefits, travel and those meeting fees which we now find are sometimes for other boards. did you tell the retirement board you would charge the water district for this as well? >> that's normal procedure.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: we're talking about two panels that attended to discuss the city's pension issues. the board paid santos registration and the water district paid him that daily meeting fee. >> basically going from one purpose and billing to another entity is wrong. >> reporter: san jose city councilman also serves on the retirement board. >> that's why it's important to be able to figure out what hat you're wearing and work in that role. >> reporter: we aren't sure which hat santos was wearing when he flew to this pension conference in southern california. he stayed at a spa registered as a member of police and fire and dined. his trip cost the retirement board $1,200. he then billed the water district his daily appearance fee picking up $1,100 bucks. no other water district in the state attended because only members are invited. santa clara valley water district isn't on the list.
6:35 pm
could that be perceives as double dipping? >> i believe it is actually. >> you need to understand policies and procedures. i never violate those. >> reporter: here they are. the district's policy says directors can only charge for meetings related to district issues. it also reads directors can only charge for conferences open to the district or the public. >> it seems like he's taking advantage of taxpayers. >> i don't think so. >> reporter: the ceo says pension discussions do relate to the district. >> they go to a lot of meetings. it's related to what we do here at the district. >> reporter: we're still trying to figure out how attending envision san jose 2040 is related. a suspect santos is a volunteer member. why do you charge to attend those meetings as well? >> that's just part of my per diem.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: those meetings cost the water district more than $3,500. water district issues weren't on any agendas this year. santos did contribute something. snacks. at one meeting your only involvement was paying for snacks. >> we get paid for any event with the community. >> reporter: if it's related to the water district. >> he brought the food, snacks for the meeting, i don't have any comment to that. if he need that, he's trying to make that connection to the community, i don't have any knowledge in terms of how he charged that. >> reporter: with all due respect, policy doesn't say that you can charge a meeting fee in order to make a connection with the community. >> i have to go through the policy. i thought it did have -- >> reporter: we have more questions for you. i don't understand why you're walking away. >> i have to go to a meeting. >> reporter: a collection of meetings and hats santos is
6:37 pm
charging the taxpayers. >> reporter: don't you think taxpayers have a right to know. we made several attempts to set up an interview with director santos. he told us to speak with the public relations director. she told us she couldn't speak to his availability. now in addition to attending district related events, the policies states they may receive fee for attending other events if i proved in advance by the board. we found no director asked for preapproval. >> thank you very much. if you have a tip to investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the campaign trail was relatively quiet today. both candidates emerged briefly from their preparations for tomorrow night's debate. president obama holed up in nevada brought pizzas to a local campaign office and worked the phones right there with the volunteers and he joked about his debate preparations. >> they're keeping any indoors
6:38 pm
all the time. it's a drag. they're making me do my homework. >> in my view it's not winning or losing or even the people themselves, the president and myself, it's about something bigger than that. >> reporte governor romney appeared in denver. you can watch the debate. topic is domestic policy and moderator is jim lair. coverage begins at 6:00 tomorrow night. a warning about a popular seafood. it's the details of a costco recall. i'm jeff ranieri. temperatures holding onto the century mark in the east bay and starting to slowly climb on down into south bay right now with plenty of low 90s here across parts of san jose down to campbell. we'll have more on that full forecast in our seven-day in details on when major cooling will arrive in just a few minutes.
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smoked salmon tainted with salmonella prompted a major recall here in the united states. dutch health officials say it was supplied to the costco chain. the centers for disease control say it counted 85 cases of salmonella in 27 u.s. states since july involving the same strain of salmonella as the fish but there's no confirmed link. no one has died but ten people have been hospitalized. let's turn things over to jeff. it is warm and sizzling outside. it's still super hot out there.
6:42 pm
>> my last facebook status update, i need a pool. it's way too hot. nobody has bitten yet. all right. right now we'll talk about the forecast and when we get major changes in here in just a few minutes. >> i have a pool. come on over. you have to baby sit three girls. the a's are doing everything in their power to win some of the hearts back. next on xfinity sports desk, with a's stay focused on the last two games of the season after last night's green and gold celebration in oakland. we'll have the answer next.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
giants playoffs, 49ers, festivals, anything not happening in san francisco this weekend? >> you forgot about the blue angels. >> blue angels up above and down below the best sailors in the world. >> lawrence scott joins us from san francisco. a lot of people out there this weekend. people need to learn how to get around and see so much and enjoy so much. >> reporter: you know what, this is going to be a fantastic week and beautiful night tonight. 30 minutes ago the boats came in from their practices and went to dock at pier 32.
6:45 pm
we want to show you what went on today here in practice day on the bay. the action is back on the bay as the america's cup world series begins its second san francisco event with match racing qualifiers set for wednesday continuing through to the fleet racing finals on sunday. tuesday practice session and a meet the skippers event gave us the chance to catch up with oracle team usa who is all about racing this week through sunday. >> i'm a competitor. we want to do well and hopefully try to win some races and that's what i'm focused on. i'm not really focused on what the event will look like or whatever. >> reporter: let's talk about the other oracle team usa skipper. we spent time with him because he's taking very seriously his defense of the cup right here on the bay in 2013. >> oracle team usa. >> oracle team usa's is the
6:46 pm
youngest skipper to ever capture the america's cup when he was 30 years old. in 302013 he looks to take his team to back-to-back titles. he was drawn to the sport in a meaningful way. >> you know, when australia won, all of the people, no roads, you had to get there by boat, all got together and it was partying following the victory. when you're a young kid seeing that, naturally that's what you want to do. >> reporter: he became one of those guys and now is very hands-on in the effort to defend the cup. >> successful teams are athletic driven teams. >> oracle team's usa other
6:47 pm
skipper is the winningest skipper in the history of the cup and he's the most skilled skipper in the world. high praise from a boss that won four cups himself. when they compete against each other in a race setting, it's healthy but fierce. >> you have to really love it. it has to be a real passion. i think now we're put down as the defender but i see us as having to win it again. it's like nothing else matters more than winning this next cup. >> reporter: for jimmy, quite the challenge ahead in the month to come heading into 2013. he was the skipper that took us out on the boat in august when america's cup world series was here. tomorrow we'll head out with team korea. looking forward to it. see you tomorrow night. >> does this not look like a fake background. it's absolutely beautiful. >> reporter: thank you so much, guys. thank you. >> jeff, it's expected to be just gorgeous out there this
6:48 pm
weekend. >> it will be nice. big-time changes coming our way. plenty of heat for today. i do know america cup guys want temperature gradient happening and seas getting stirred up and we do have that coming our way. gilroy was not only the hottest of the month and of the season but potentially of all year long reaching 107. san francisco also at 94. of course this was good for several records here across the bay area. one of them concord hitting 100 degrees. shattering the old one of 91 set back in 2001. to put it in perspective, san francisco also topping out at 94. near record setting heat and average high 73 this time of year. not only hot inland but also up against the coastline. 60s by thursday and that switch in the wind here as we head throughout thursday, more onshore flow. that's what america's cup sailors want and it's coming
6:49 pm
just in time. numbers starting to drop off in danville and pleasanton. livermore, 100 degrees. 10 to 15 miles and thermometer is going way up there. let's take you to where you can see the haze across the south bay and santa clara. pollution is being pushed down to the surface. winds are going to shift. many of you at home as we go back to weather boards ask me when is that going to happen? here we go. that area of high pressure that brought us hot weekend on sunday and for today will begin to weaken and push to the north. this will just continue to develop offshore. it's not going to provide us any rainfall the next two to three days but onshore wind for a foggy breeze primarily developing for thursday. also friday of this week is when temperatures look to drop most significantly. anywhere from 20 to 30 degrees from that thursday to friday window. not only for the coastline but for the interior value levalley. we should drop some 40 degrees in santa cruz with an expected
6:50 pm
morning temperature of 60. also another 30 to 40 degrees in the north bay with 55 in santa rosa. daytime highs on wednesday above average topping out with warm weather in san jose with 88. 91 in gilroy. 84 in palo alto. mid 90s back into walnut creek and pleasanton. 82 in hayward. 79 in alameda. we'll try to bring numbers down for tomorrow with anticipated slight onshore wind and then gradually by thursday and friday we'll get even more significant cooling with temperatures in the low 80s inland and 60s returning at the coastline. it will get chilly. by this upcoming weekend, fog comes back by sunday and also morning drizzle and it's going to be a lot different than what we have for today. for america's cup here it's going to be good. we'll get wind going. as far as fleet week goes, we'll have visibility issues on saturday and sunday with a fog in morning and midday hours but it's what we're used to this time of year. just have a lot of fun.
6:51 pm
a lot to enjoy. >> fill us in if you get an invite to a pool. >> i need to check that facebook. yes. between jeff and jim, that's all we need. a big weekend. jim, take it away. especially with the a's. how are you doing? >> doing great. a special time to be a baseball fan in the bay area. six years in the making. a's back to the postseason for the first time since 2006 clinching playoff birth with a 4-3 win over rangers last night in oakland. what a scene it was. this is last night. the celebration begins after the strikeout. there's still work to do. a's can sweep the rangers. they have them tonight. and they wouldn't have to play the one-game wild card playoff game. could there be a hangover
6:52 pm
celebration? >> reporter: champagne was flowing last night. after savoring the sweet taste of victory, they say they are hungry for more as they take the field tonight focused on the a.l. west title. >> we're trained professionals as you know. that was definitely just one step in the right direction. we knew what was going on and there's two more games in the season. >> i don't think anybody overdid anything. they had fun with it in the time that we were here. i think everybody recognized today was just as important a game as yesterday as today as tomorrow and it's business as usual for us. >> reporter: the a's continue to recognize by the baseball community. american league rookie of the month for performance in september. bob melvin said it's ironic because he doesn't see him as a rookie because he carries himself like a veteran and he carries the weight of his team.
6:53 pm
>> thank you, kate. let's move to the gridiron. 49ers off the 34-0 beating of the jets in which they ran for season high 245 yards which is good, right? how account running game get better? >> i'm ready to play. it's all gone now. >> reporter: that's how brandon jacobs describes the status of a left knee injury causing him to miss the first four games of the season. before the 30-year-old running back can return to the game, he has to return to a full practice which he has not done yet. >> i feel good about it. i got fresh legs other than the injury. my legs are fresh. hasn't been banged on like a lot of these guys in the league. you know, i know it's coming. i feel good. leaving it up to the coach and medical staff to put me where they think i should be. >> where the coaches think he should be creates an interesting choice. if he's active for the game against the bills, more than
6:54 pm
likely the 49ers will make a player who is on special teams inactive and that would limit their depth. jacobs does not play special teams and he says he has not been yet asked to do so though he is willing. >> thanks, mindy. now to silver and black. good news for the raiders, darrius heyward-bey back practicing with the team today. he missed sunday's game at denver recovering from a concussion suffered against pittsburgh. no word on whether he'll play in the next game coming up in a week and a half. don't look now but basketball season is upon us. warriors open the first day of training camp today. the two biggest story lines. both on the court tuesday recovering from injuries. the coach seemed pleased with the team's effort on day one. >> very impressed. guys are in shape. they got after it. we were able to get throughout
6:55 pm
practice quickly and in drills and out of them which is a good sign. it's a testament to how hard they work over the course of the summer being here, being prepared so we're able to go through different aspects of the practice more fluently. >> to finish things off, let's not forget about those giants. those giants. they're in the playoffs too, you know. they have a chance to end the dodgers playoff hopes tonight. dodge errs one loss away from bg eliminated from playoffs. giants fans would love to see that. i'm ready to dive in. you're invited too by the way. >> i can help take care of the girls. >> thank you. thank you. done. for a full half hour of local sports coverage, watch sports net central on comcast sports central at 10:30.
6:58 pm
tonight at 11:00, young and full of ideas and incredibly rich. we'll introduce you to the next generation of interpret entrepreneurs in the bay area. you'll hear their ideas and hear about their lifestyle too. that's tonight at 11:00. >> we have more local news at 7:00 with brent cannon. you are full of ideas as well. >> a lot coming up. larry ellison is talking. we have exclusive interview. plus mexico versus u.s. in soccer. green, white and blue has dominated red, white and blue. we'll look at the dynamics of that. >> we'll see you at 11:00. >> bye-bye.


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